Bed or sofa: what to choose to sleep on

The bedroom should definitely be an oasis: a beautiful, relaxing place where you want to escape from the daily bustle of the day. Decorating and furnishing such a room requires a special approach to create a harmonious space and ensure a good night’s sleep. Healthy sleep is a way for everyone to maintain their well-being and prolong life. What kind of furniture can fully satisfy all the needs of the body during sleep: a sofa or a bed? It’s time to get to the bottom of this. You can learn more about the bed and the sofa at this link

First of all, it is worth considering the pros and cons of each type of furniture.

If you choose a sleeper sofa, the advantages are as follows:

✔ Compactness. For a small bedroom, a folding sofa is a real salvation. During the day it can be folded up, and it will not occupy a large part of the room, also put bedding in the drawers of the sofa. And at night you can turn it into a big bed.

✔ Functionality. Some models, except for the presence of drawers, have also a pull-out shelf where you can put other useful things.

✔ Variety. Various manufacturers offer a huge range of upholstery materials for sofas. The choice of colors and textures will satisfy even the most sophisticated preferences of the buyer.

The disadvantages of the sleeper sofa:

✘ Uneven sleeping surface. This is the main problem of all sofas that can unfold. There are always some gaps. You can solve this problem with a special topper, but in this case it will be considered an addition to the cost of the sofa.

✘ Filling that does not fit. It is not uncommon for a person’s spine to require special support. The filling of a standard sofa bed is not designed to provide it. For such purposes, an orthopedic mattress is used. But it happens that a futon used over the surface of the sofa copes with this task perfectly.

✘ The heavy weight of the sofa. Usually folding models are installed on very low legs, under which it is difficult to clean, you need to move the sofa to wipe off the dust under it.

✘ Unsuitable size of the bed. There are models with a huge spacious bed, but they are also quite massive when folded. If we take into account the small sofas, their bed is not always suitable for a person with height 180 cm or more. It can interfere with the armrests and you have to sleep in an uncomfortable position.

✘ It is necessary to perform a number of actions every day before and after sleep. First, you need to remove the cushions from the couch, then open the drawers and take the linen, then unfold the couch and make the bed. And all of this has to be done in reverse order every morning. It takes some time and over time is very annoying.

✘ The seat eventually sags in certain places. During the day, when the sofa is used in the folded down position, children or animals may be sitting, the surface of the seat is pressed in those places where they sit most often. These squeezes cause discomfort during nighttime sleep.

✘ Squeaks when turning. Over time, even a very high quality sofa can make unpleasant squeaks, which can be caused by a failure of the transformation mechanism or worn springs inside.

✘ Bedding sliding in different directions. There are types of sofa upholstery that look very attractive and smooth to the touch, but when this surface is used to sleep, the sheet always rolls away from the edges to the center, which is extremely uncomfortable. You can solve this problem with a special padding, only it does not help in all cases.

If you choose a bed, then here are the advantages it has:

✔ Large selection of bed sizes. It is possible to choose a king size or a smaller size, or to customize the bed in any shape.

✔ It is possible to install any type of mattress. The choice of mattresses for sleeping is very diverse. There are models specifically designed for people with spinal conditions. There are versions with softer or firmer surface, the possibility of turning the mattress and changing the level of hardness of the sleeping surface.

✔ Easy transportation. Most models are delivered flat so it is easy to bring individual elements up to any floor and through the door.

✔ Style. The bed in the bedroom is a real decoration that makes the bedroom a bedroom. Natural wood models bring a special luxury and warmth to the interior. The variety of decoration of the high headboard can completely transform the room, giving it an individual character.

✔ easy to clean. Since not the entire surface of the bed is upholstered with fabric, wiping dust is very easy and quick. Also, most models are made with high legs, so you can easily clean under the bed as well.

✔ It is possible to buy the bed together with other pieces of bedroom furniture, and it will all have a unified style.

✔ Bunk beds allow you to arrange a children’s bedroom for two children. In the case of the sofa, this option is not yet available.

Disadvantages of the bed:

✘ Takes up a lot of space. For a small bedroom, this is a big problem, the bed can take up the entire area, leaving no aisle. But there are models that can be lifted during the day and attached to the wall.

✘ Cost. The bed, in most cases, must be purchased at once along with a mattress and this can end up being more expensive than buying a single sofa.

✘ Budget models can break very quickly, become loose, and the surface may be damaged.

✘ In order to assemble a new bed, you often have to call a craftsman.

Each buyer can list many more positive and negative aspects of both sofa and bed, it all depends on personal preferences and experience. This article pointed out the main difficulties that can be encountered, as well as the advantages that distinguish one type of furniture for sleep from the other. Perhaps this information will help to avoid some mistakes and make the right choice. Advantages and disadvantages of curvy sectional sleeper sofa

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