Planning to completely change the bedroom environment, but have not yet decided on the interior design? Pay attention to the modern style. This option can be freely called a universal. With its help it is easy to transform any room in a stylish, comfortable, aesthetically attractive corner, without resorting to professional designers. To do this, you need to choose the right furniture for the bedroom, finishing materials, decor, lighting fixtures. This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is enough to take into consideration some details.

The bedroom is a place in any apartment or country house, which has special requirements. It should be maximum comfortable for relaxation and recreation after a hard day’s work. Correctly selected items of furniture – quality bedroom sets, beautiful home textiles and appliances will allow you to create a pleasant, harmonious atmosphere in the house, which will set you in a positive mood.

What is a modern style?

The modern style does not imply strict adherence to a certain direction. It is rather a kind of symbiosis of several of the most popular styles – minimalism, high-tech, loft, Scandinavian, urban. Their characteristic elements perfectly complement each other, as a result, the finished picture looks quite original and elegant at the same time.

This style is suitable for decorating any size room – and in a small apartment, and in a luxurious country house. First of all, the accent is made on the fact that everything in the bedroom is ordered and each piece of furniture serves to provide comfort. It should be spacious, not cluttered, with clear zoning and a minimum amount of additional decoration.

To organize the lighting is recommended to use not classic hanging chandeliers, and built-in ceiling, wall and table lamps, wall sconces, lampshades of non-standard design. In the decoration of the window apertures it is better to refuse from heavy, bulky curtains with lambrequins, draperies, festoons. Much more suitable here are monochrome rectangular curtains, Roman blinds, lightweight bamboo or thread blinds. Do not overdo with the various interior decorations. Numerous statuettes, panels, souvenirs are not the best idea. They are appropriate for the country, provincial or ethno style. In a modern bedroom, it is sufficient to place one or two paintings, a wall clock, a large floor vase or an elegant stand for room flowers.

So, the main advantages of the modern style are:

  • functionality;
  • convenience;
  • naturalness;
  • universality.

Colors and materials

The modern style of decorating living spaces is characterized by the freedom to choose the type of materials. They can be both natural and synthetic. The main conditions are their maximum closeness in color and texture to natural, as well as environmental friendliness, safety for people and the environment. Excellent suit wood, metal, glass, stone and their quality imitations. Preferable shades – beige, gray, brown, classic black and white, pale blue, paler. To enliven the basic palette a little, add small details of golden bronze, mint, burgundy, purple, pink.

In a modern bedroom you will not see complex, pretentious designs with intricate carvings, incrustation, which are inherent in the Empire or Art Nouveau. All shapes and lines are characterized by extreme simplicity, brevity, geometric accuracy. Such bedroom furniture has one undeniable advantage – it is versatile and perfectly fits into almost any color scheme and stylistics. Therefore, if you subsequently go to radically change the bedroom environment, you will not have to buy new furniture. Learn more about this at the link here

The standard bedroom set includes:

  • double beds;
  • closets;
  • bedside tables.
  • In a bedroom with an area of 15 square meters and more can also buy chests of drawers, coffee tables, chairs, small couches, dressing table, poufs.

To avoid overcrowding and to leave as much free space as possible, pay attention to the “smart furniture”. This is a folding design, which performs several functions at the same time. For example, the bed-transformer. At night it is used as a bed, and when folded, it looks like a regular closet. A good option – double beds with built-in under-mattress sliding sections to store bed linen, clothes and other things.

Popular models, where the headboard is combined with shelves, niches, drawers. Folding armchair in the recreation area, if necessary, transformed into a small sofa. The task of rational use of space can be solved independently. If, for example, if you hang a mirror over a low dresser with a wide horizontal surface, you will also get a stylish dressing table.

Separate mention should be made of closets. Almost no bedroom in a modern style can do without them. Sliding or folding door design provides space savings in the room, because it does not require space for opening.
Inside the cabinet – numerous frame modules on rollers, drawers, shelves, hangers, vertical and horizontal racks, baskets allow you to place a lot of things in it. Often manufacturers offer customers to choose their own “stuffing” closets for their own needs.

Mirrored closet doors are another way to visually expand the space of the bedroom. If you think they are too heavy and massive, then you will like the open models without doors or with lightweight folding curtains of horizontal or vertical design.

Creating comfort in the bedroom

One of the main roles in the bedroom performs decorative elements. With their help, they provide comfort and a pleasant stay in the room. Modular paintings, commemorative photos, decorative pillows are suitable for decorating the bedroom. Curtains are selected taking into account the style of interior design. They should be distinguished by sufficient density. Then in the morning the sunlight will not enter the room. You can still spend some time in bed and think about beautiful things. How to make a seven-star hotel in your room

Choosing a bed

How to arrange a room designed for sleep? Much attention is paid to the choice of bed. Important parameters when making a purchase: the length and width of the product. As for the shape, in most cases a rectangular bed is placed in the room. Representatives of the new generation choose a round bed. The advantages of such a decision are unusual and comfort.

The bed with a high headboard is an ideal option for the arrangement of the bedroom. The popularity of this model is increasing every year. Different materials are used as upholstery: leather, velour, tapestry. Carriage stitching and buttons are used to improve the aesthetic properties.

Keep in mind a good night’s sleep.

In this regard, the right choice of mattress is important. This is a key element with which to ensure a sound sleep. The mattress should be comfortable and meet individual needs (height and weight of people). The design can be spring or no spring. As the fillers used coconut coir, latex, polyurethane foam, material with memory effect. Excellent characteristics have mattresses with orthopedic properties. Their main advantages: reducing the load on the spine, adaptation to any weight, prevention of back pain.

Selecting furniture

How to furnish a room and make it as functional as possible? On sale there is a variety of furniture. Furnish the room intelligently, without overloading the surrounding environment and leaving free space. In the bedroom there should be a closet, chest of drawers, dressing table, bedside tables, ottoman. You can hang shelves on the wall and place decorative elements there.

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