Lack of living space often forces to load rooms, including the bedroom, with many functions. It is used as a study, a place for a child’s room, and even for sports. However, from the point of view of sleepologists bedroom should perform only one task: to serve as a place for sleeping.

What an ideal bedroom should be, in order to provide a full, restful and healthy sleep?

A comfortable bed

The bed and its filling are the most important thing. The more comfortable the mattress, pillows, quality blankets and linens – the better the person will be able to sleep and rest. Do not skimp on your own health and put up with discomfort.

The absence of electrical appliances
Of course, the lights should not be abandoned, but the electronic gadgets should remain outside the bedroom.

By and large, there is no place even for an electronic alarm clock or smartphone, but in today’s reality it is difficult to comply with such a condition. But to place the TV really is not worth it. By the way, the arrangement of a workplace in the bedroom is also better to refuse.

The optimal temperature and fresh air

The temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius is considered optimal for sleeping. Do you think it will be cold? It is better to wrap up well in a warm blanket, and not turn on the heater. It is better to sleep in a cool room, well covered, than to suffer from stuffiness and heat during the night’s rest.

Ideally, you should air the room every night before you go to bed. However, in the city it is worth to proceed from real conditions: ventilation is effective if the bedroom window faces a more or less calm street or if it is located above the fifth floor.

The beautiful view from the window is not the main thing
Of course, it is nice to wake up and admire the panorama from the windows. But if you do not have such a possibility, it is not a problem. The quality of sleep and speed of waking up is not affected. It is enough if there is a small window in the bedroom, and what is the view from it – is not so important.

Quality blackout

If there is even the faintest source of light in the room, such as the indicator of an electric appliance on, it will adversely affect the quality of sleep, not to mention a night light or illumination.

It is necessary to protect the room from the street light of street lamps and headlights, so blackout curtains are an essential attribute of a good bedroom.

It is in complete darkness during sleep, the human brain produces the hormone melatonin, which naturally regulates our biorhythms, helps to strengthen immunity, normalize blood pressure and regulate hormonal background.


Any noise at night is perceived much more acutely and is extremely disturbing, especially at the stage of falling asleep. Exceptions are the sounds of nature – the sound of wind or rain, the rustle of leaves – they have more of a calming effect and help you fall asleep. But in the city the noise of engines, voices, tire rustle is more often heard from the street – a window with good soundproofing will help to fend off such sounds.

The “right” bedding

During rest it is important that there are as few factors around that distract or irritate, so it is necessary to choose plain, soft shades, and even better – white. If it is important how you look in bed – pick the shade according to your color type.

As for the material, in addition to popular cotton and hyped expensive silk, it is worth looking at linen sets – they give a feeling of pleasant coolness in the heat and are great for absorbing sweat. But it is better to refuse synthetic variants – to provide a good night’s sleep, the fabric should be perfectly permeable and hygroscopic.


According to feng shui, the bedroom should have a regular shape and should be located as far away from the front door as possible – and in this, somnologists agree with the ancient teachings.

It is not good if the entrance to the bedroom is directly visible from the threshold. Even if the apartment is small and has an open floor plan, try to make the bedroom area intimate with a partition, shelving, a bed in a natural or artificial niche. This will not only improve the energy of the bedroom, but also give a feeling of calmness and security during sleep.

Furniture and decor

Scientists believe that the less unnecessary things in the bedroom, the better. Optimally, if the room is a bed, bedside tables, perhaps – a chair or a bench.

Care should also be taken with the decoration of the room. It is important that the decorative elements carry the energy of peace, comfort and harmony.

It is desirable to take into account the type of your perception: for the audialist the most important thing is sound comfort, for the visualist – the absence of visual stimuli, for the kinestheticist – the presence of tactile pleasant, soft materials in the decoration and the selection of textiles.

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